1-31-20 - It's 2020, which means we got brand hecking new galleries, bby! We also have an updated logo, once again by the ineffable AFriendlyHunter!

7-28-19 - Galleries are back up and running to full capacity, probably! You may see some changes crop up but mostly we're all squared away. Also, check out that new header logo by AFriendlyHunter!

7-21-19 - Normally I wouldn't advertise a gallery update, but I have made a significant update to the art galleries! I have been neglecting the site for most of the month and staggering updates would require more patience than I have, haha.

7-14-19 - I'm doing some modifications to the website to speed it up a bit. It takes ages to do any work on the backend and I've noticed that it lags when browsing it as well. There may be some outages with the 2018 and 2019 galleries, but I'll try to keep that to a minimum. If something is funky, please let me know!

1-17-19 - I've been about 80% neglectful of how the site looked and operated on mobile so I've begun undertaking the rather monumental task of making it look reasonably presentable for you phone users. This won't be a fast process and I don't really consider it a priority compared to work and current art projects, but if you're one of the handful of folks who uses the site on mobile, fret not! Things will be up and running eventually.

12-15-18 - Since I killed the forums, I want to at least try to establish a sense of community. I've opted to create a Discord server instead, so feel free to join in!

10-18-18 - Removed the forums, since nobody was using them and I didn't really want to have to keep checking back. I might go remove all links to the forum retroactively at some point, but that'd be a ton of work. Any links to the forum you'll see won't work anymore.

10-17-18 - Because the website was moving slowly both on the user end and on my end, I migrated most of the galleries to a different website. Don't worry, the links will still bring you to the right places! Everything should be up and running now, but if you run into difficulty let me know.




  • Made some aesthetic changes to all 2018/2019 galleries and the Got Wrecked archive page, and have made them mobile-friendly.

  • Fixed a bug in the mobile version of the Jam Session and Divided by Four archive pages that prevented people from opening the links.


  • New year means new galleries! 2019 SFW, NSFW and Kink galleries are now live and ready to be populated.


  • At long last, I've uploaded my Dragon Ball XenoVerse comic, Divided by Four, starring Pliabuu and Icebox. That means that as an art website, Saving Throw is now 100% complete! I appreciate everybody's patience in getting it complete.

  • Finally added links in the links section, which you can see below!


  • Merry gotdang Christmas! My present to you? Finishing the 2017 Kink gallery! Enjoy, my bois!

  • Holy crap it's a Christmas freaking miracle! The 2017 NSFW gallery's ready to go, too!

  • We're not done! The 2017 SFW gallery is complete! That's the entire 2003-2017 art archive finished! Just one more thing to do...





  • The SFW, NSFW and Kink galleries for 2018 have been brought up to date!


  • We have a forum now, boys!











  • GBA Character Lore fully uploaded! Everything relating to the content directly is now online.

  • Work on art archive has begun.


Completed the Bonus Content section for GBA!


  • Archives for the remainder of the main comic have been completed!



  • The main comic has been completely uploaded!


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