GBA Lore: The Anatomy of a Porygon-Z

I'd like more of these, since GBA Lore overall has been more focused on the world of GBA and the school itself.

The Lore reads thusly:


  • Made of bone


  • Got none!


  • Even though they do not have necks, Porygon-Z are capable of eating, speaking and breathing as normal. There's no hole where their esophagus would be in both the bottom of their head and the top of their torso.

  • When consuming food and drink, it goes straight from the back of their mouth into their esophagus.

  • The only way to remove a Porygon-Z's head from their body is if the Porygon-Z allows it to happen. Otherwise it's going to stay in place!

  • When separated, the body does not have its own consciousness and doesn't develop additional senses. However they can still operate completely independently from each other. It's unknown how far away the head and body can be from each other without risking injury or death.

  • Unless the Porygon-Z knows Magnet Rise, their head is immobile by itself.


  • Whenever they speak, their voice is tinged with a distortion effect. How severe the distortion is varies on the individual.

  • The distortion is represented by a blue outline around their word balloons (all other characters have black outlines on theirs).


  • Extension of the spine to the base of the bulb

  • The bulb is made of a soft, spongy material

  • Fully prehensile

  • Reacts to emotional stimulii (standing up straight when scared or angry, drooping when sad, etc)


  • Porygon-Z do not need to breathe to survive or even to speak.

  • They can survive in the vaccuum of space and are rumored to be able to cross dimensions.

  • They have a natural affinity for technology and computers. They can physically "inhabit" a computer and manipulate it from inside (unlike Rotom, who possess electronics instead).


  • Porygon-Z are not 100% organic. As they're designed to interact with and enter computers, their genes are made up of about 75% organic material and 25% cybernetic material, although it's not visibly evident.

  • As such, {Porygon-Z can install apps directly to their brains or bodies. Some use this ability for innocuous things like gaming or reading, but there are also body modification apps. They can display the apps physically by projecting them from their eyes.

  • Body modification apps are generally harmless (think of it like getting a piercing) but requires a modicum of common sense. Some modifications include muscle mass increase and adding or removing body parts. Only mavericks go too far in modifying themselves.

  • The more extreme the body modification, the greater toll it takes on a person's ability to function as a person. Even so, body modification apps tend to be very expensive! As tempted as some Porygon-Z are to have more than two arms, it can be a costly investment both mentally and financially.

  • For competative battling, use of any sort of body modification is illegal and using one on the sly can result in a permanent ban from the sport.

  • Downloading apps to their body carry the same risks of downloading apps to their phone in that some carry malware. Porygon-Z are susceptible to contracting computer viruses and need to be careful.

  • Moves like Conversion and Conversion 2 grant Porygon-Z a modicum of control over their genetic makeup, but the changes only last a short period of time and are visibly represented by their skin changing colors.


  • Hex' vocal distortion is audible but subtle.

  • She does NOT download apps to herself out of paranoia. She has heard horror stories of even minor malfunctions in an app causing physical and mental harm to others.

  • Hex intentionally learned Magnet Rise so her head can stay mobile even when bodyless.

  • Although she doesn't like to brag about it, she's exceptionally good with computers. When she's hard up on cash, she'll do some side work in computer repairs. She even has a special suit she wears when she has to actually go into a computer.

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