GBA Lore: Ghost Types


Ghost is my favorite Pokemon type hands-down (you can tell by looking at how many of the dang things I've made characters of) and I really feel like there's a level of depth to them that can't be found among other types. It was a lot of fun to jump into it and make sense of it all.

The Lore reads thusly:

  • Some ghosts are born naturally, others are reincarnated spirits of the dead. The former happens more frequently than the latter.

  • Ghosts born from reincarnation are the result of a fitful death, a lingering soul, or the burning desire to resolve unfinished business.

  • However, not all dead people will turn into Ghosts.

  • Reincarnated Ghosts have little memory of who they were before death. Sometimes they pick up flickers of recognition, but until they're given solid proof, most of their memories lay forgotten.

  • The Ghost they are reincarnated into is random, but it will always be the start of its evolutionary chain.

  • Spiritomb are ALWAYS born from reincarnation.

  • Shedinja and Froslass are exceptions to the above rules regarding reincarnation, as their "death" is spurned by evolution. As such, they retain full memory of who they were before evolving.

  • Most Ghosts have relatively average body mass. Those who don't are few and far between, but rely on weighted clothing to live a functional daily life.

  • Ghosts are the most durable Pokemorphs and tend to be some of the longest-lived, so to speak. However, they age in realtime until their mid thirties, where the aging process begins to lag.

  • Typical Ghost abilities include phasing through objects, hovering and flying. Other ghostly powers operate on a case-by-case basis, however.

  • Skilled Ghosts can possess others, but there are legal ramifications associated with it, so most generally don't do it.

  • Most Ghosts are capable of reproduction. (Shedinja is once again an exception because of all their biological goo is gone.)

  • Ghosts' bodies are somewhat pliable, but not to the extent of a Ditto. However, their overall bodyshape is constant, and can take several years to change, including a gain or loss in fat or muscle mass.

  • Ghosts don't need to eat, breathe or sleep, but they're not incapable of it.


This lore post was created before the full Pokedex for Sun and Moon had been revealed. As such, Decidueye falls under the same exceptions that Froslass and Shedinja do.

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