GBA Lore: Tier 3/Special Battles

The Lore reads thusly:

  • While the first two of GBA's battling tiers are dedicated to regular battles, the third tier was created specifically for unique battle types with restrictions not applicable to normal matches.

  • Special Battle matches don't count towards a team's W/L/D record, and because they're 100% voluntary, they serve as exhibition matches to build hype for a particular team or prove how a student is hot shit.

  • There are two types of Special Battles: Sky Battles and Underwater Battles.

  • Sky Battles are limited primarily to (most) Flying types, although there are a handful of non-Flying types eligible to compete as well. If it has wings or can hover, it's pretty much fair game.

  • Due to the nature of Sky Battles, there are certain moves that don't work, most notably Ground-type moves.

  • Sky Battles have two loss conditions: knock out and shoulders/stomach/feet coming into contact with the ground. If somebody were knocked downward but managed to spring back into the sky using their hands, the match would continue.

  • While some Sky Battles are one-vs-one regardless of the team's circuit, sometimes more students can compete. The most prolific matches are any Sky Battles involving four or more competitors at the same time in a massive free-for-all.

  • Underwater Battles are exclusive to most Water types. (There are some that can't breathe underwater; crucial requirement for this match type.)

  • A force field is erected around the center of the battlefield. After the biomes have been selected, the force field is flooded with water, submerging everything.

  • Much like a regular battle, the loss conditions are knock-out or ring-out. The force field is sturdy but ultimately permeable and can be penetrated from the inside. (In order to prevent the stadium from flooding, the force field will repair itself immediately after being pierced.)

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