GBA Lore: Regular Battles

The Lore reads thusly:

  • Regular battles are any battles that take place in the first or second tiers, even if the battles cross circuits or have certain permutations limiting active participants are in place.

  • The matches can either be singles matches, team-based or free-for-all. A singles match means one active fighter takes the field at a time, and team-based matches (two-on-two or three-on-three) have one fighter jump into the battle to replace a fallen/eliminated teammate. Free-for-alls let all active combatants take to the field at once for a massive but ideally coordinated brawl amongst two teams.

  • The terrain for each battle will be randomized and divided into two to four sections; these biomes alter the playing field, giving the fighters an environment to work with, keeping everybody on their toes, and making the match that much more interesting and tactical. The only exception is the 1v1 circuit, which takes place on a plain, level field.

  • Unlike the training rooms, the terrain changes are physical and can be altered by attacks such as Rock Climb. The biomes include an icy frozen quarry, a decrepit city, a flooded beach, a forest, a mountainous plateau, a desert, and several more.

  • Falling or being flung from the battlefield results in a ring out, eliminating the unfortunate combatant from the fight.

  • The winning conditions for a regular battle are defeating every active participant in battle, and an opponent can be defeated either by knock out or ring out.

  • Even if a battle on the same circuit limits the amount of fighters allowed to take place in the whole match it's still considered a match on that circuit for example, two 6v6 teams could restrict the overall number of participants to four total, but it'd be judged as a 6v6 match.

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