GBA Lore: Moves, TMs & HMs

The Lore reads thusly:

  • People are born with access to every natural move in their move pool, although these powers remain dormant until puberty.

  • Despite this, proper training is required to learn how to use a move to its full potential.

  • A person only has the energy and focus to specialize in four moves from its move pool; they can use other moves if they want, but at significantly reduced power.

  • If a person wants to change proficiencies, they can do it at will, but doing so takes a tremendous amount of energy; they can replace any or all of them at once, but each move can only be changed once a year. (From a storytelling perspective, it helps keep things fair and removes a level of unnecessary unpredictability.)

  • Some moves can only be learned before a person's final form of evolution, such as a Kakuna being able to learn Harden. If that Kakuna evolves into a Beedrill, it can keep Harden despite it not being part of Beedrill's move pool. If the Beedrill overwrites Harden, they can no longer re-learn it as it's not part of it's natural moveset.

  • In every professional, educational and ameteur level competition, there are a handful of moves that are completely banned from use due to the high risk factor they produce. One-Hit KO moves are the most noteworthy, as using one and successfully landing it results in a fatal blow.

  • TMs and HMs still exist, however they aren't numbered due to the sheer volume of the things. (Once again from the perspective of the narrative, every TM that has been a TM in a game is still a TM in GBA.)

  • If a person is capable of learning a move from a TM that's not already part of their natural move set, they will have to use a TM to gain the ability to use it.

  • TMs and HMs also have a cool-down time of one year before they can be used to replace another move.

  • Most TMs and HMs are readily available for purchase at local shops. There are some that are more difficult to track down.

  • Move Deleters don't exist, and as such HMs can be overwritten without aid, like all other moves.

  • Move Tutors DO exist, however, and they take many forms from automechanics to monks. However, Move Tutors are a seperate entity from the school, and must be sought out by the student.

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