GBA Lore: Mega-Evolution and Z-Moves

While it will be addressed in the comic, I wanted to put out all the details ahead of time :)

The Lore reads thusly:

  • Mega Evolution has been in use, legally, in professional fighting circuits throughout the world for the past five years (give or take). It only just recently became legalized to use in battle academy environments.

  • Only one participant per team is able to use Mega Evolution during a single battle.

  • The person Mega Evolving holds both the Mega Stone and the Key Stone.

  • Mega Evolving comes with a massive boost in stats, drastically increasing speed, strength, agility, etc. Rarely do these buffs come with any negative side-effects, forcing opponents to stay on their toes for the duration.

  • Like Mega Evolution, Z-Moves have been legal in professional fighting events for a long time and have only just recently been brought into battle academies

  • Regulated heavily by the college's battle commissions board, Z-moves can be used in battle - but only once, meaning that only one person on a team is designated to use it during a match.

  • Z-moves require a lot of energy and physical/mental exhertion, and somebody unpracticed in their use could wind up fainting themselves from exhaustion.

  • Despite their tremendous strength, they can be dodged or guarded against.

  • A person can only hold one Z-crystal at a time.

  • The user also wears the Z-Ring bracelet and have to do the related pose before execution. The motion is critical to the move as it serves as the "trigger."

  • Team members will discuss who uses the Z-Move before the match because one team using two Z-Moves is means for disqualification.

  • Mega Evolution and Z-Moves can be used by the same team in a single battle,but they can't be used by the same person. The tax it would have on a person's body could be potentially fatal, so battlers are prohibited from doing it even in professional circuits.

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