GBA Lore: Leaders & Coordinators

The Lore reads thusly:

  • Every team in GBA has a designated leader who serves as the head decision-maker.

  • A leader's job is to arrange training sessions, determining if certain team members are fit to battle, help the team hone their general combat skills and to scout and facilitate the recruitment of new members. As such, it's usually the leader's responsibility to attend recruitment fairs.

  • Leaders are frequently (but not always) the frontmen of their team. Exceptions include Team Wrought Iron, where Carrie is the leader, but Flynt is the face of the team.

  • Unlike team leaders, the role of coordinator is not assigned to a single person, although coordinators and leaders are often, but not necessarily, one in the same.

  • Coordinators are tacticians. Their responsibilities entail developing battle strategies, training the team for situational combat and determining the most opportune way to deploy the combatants. A skilled coordinator will go the extra mile to study upcoming opponents in order to find a weakness to exploit.

  • Some students attend combat academies with the intent of becoming professional coordinators. There are classes dedicated to coordinating available for aspiring students.

  • Technically, anybody on a team could be the coordinator of a battle, but most know better than to assume they have the tactical mind for that sort of thing and leave it to their more experienced teammates.

  • If a leader can't attend a recruitment fair, a team's coordinator (or at least somebody who coordinates frequently) is expected to attend the fair in their

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