GBA Lore: Evolution

The Lore reads thusly:

  • The age and skill level of a person evolving has nothing to do with when they evolve; it comes at random intervals, though the first signs of evolution come when a person is in their mid-teens. It's just another part of growing up. It's essentially a "second (or third, or fourth, etc, depending on the evolution tree) puberty."

  • Since there's no way to imitate evolving via trading, Pokemon that would normally evolve without requiring a hold item will likewise be subject to whenever nature decided it was time.

  • Items exist in the world that can spurn evolution by physical contact (trade items like Up-Grade or evolutionary stones, for example), but simply touching them won't make somebody evolve. They have to consciously want to make it happen. Regardless, even without these items, evolution is an inevitability.

  • If a person wants to prevent themselves from evolving, medicinal supplements made of ground-up Everstone are produced and can be consumed orally. Pop one pill a day and you're evolution-free for another twenty-four hours! Folks often do this if they're attached to their appearance or benefits brought on by their current form as evolving can result in radical physical changes.

  • A similar common practice involves people wearing Everstone jewelry, the physical proximity being enough to deter it from happening.

  • Evolving results in increased physical strength (even if it isn't visibly apparent), speed and power. Occasionally it grants access to new moves that somebody didn't have in their pre-evolved form, as well as the ability to use a greater number of TMs.

  • Evolving is exceptionally painful! It's a person's entire genetic structure being rearranged, and the physical changes are hell on the body. Depending on the level of evolution the severity of the pain varies; it's one thing to grow extra limbs, and an entirely different thing to having your innards forcibly ejected from your body. Evolution can also cause mental trauma depending on the level of excrutiation.

  • People who evolve into multiples of themselves (Magneton and Hydreigon for example) can have difficulty coping with sharing a body with another mind and personality. Then again, some of them started off as sociable to begin with and don't mind the extra company!

  • As for Mega Evolution? Well...that's a story for another day.

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