GBA Lore: Circuits and Tiers

The Lore reads thusly:

  • GBA Battles are separated into nine circuits, which are then sorted into three tiers.

  • Six of the circuits are based exclusively on how many members are on a team. The remaining three circuits are Special Battles (Flying and Underwater).

  • A team can't fight outside of it's tier, in order to maintain balance.

  • Higher-level circuits can and regularly do fight down into the lower-level ones (a 6v6 team can fight a team in the 4v4 circuit, for example), but a lower-level circuit can't fight upward into a higher-level one. This is managed by limiting the amount of combatants allowed to take part of the match; a team with more members is only allowed to deploy as many as the team with less members.

  • A match where a team fights in a lower circuit is considered part of that circuit. If a six-person team fights a five-person team, it's officially recognized as part of the 5v5 circuit. A team that's considered successful in its circuit may also be dominating a team not on their own.

  • Because teams can gain and lose members on a regular basis, their circuit can just as easily fluctuate. Some teams avoid increasing their ranks because their strength lies in their current circuit, and will only recruit newcomers in the event that a member of their team leaves.

  • Matches in the 1v1 circuit serve as exhibition matches for students without teams. They use them as opportunities to showcase their talents to teams looking to recruit. 2v2 and 3v3 teams can challenge them in combat directly as opposed to testing them in the training room to gauge their skill.

  • Since Win/Loss/Draw records are assigned to the team as opposed to the combatant, matches on the 1v1 circuit don't have official stats. Instead the student's WLD record is kept mostly as means to prove their skill.

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