GBA Lore: Battle Suits

The Lore reads thusly:

  • Like many other professional sports, teams of fighters wear uniforms while on the battlefield.

  • The suits don't necessarily need to be identical, but they tend to be themed. The team leader is responsible for designing the suit, or at the very least coming up with the theme.

  • Many suit designs have been passed down by previous generations of the same team. For example, the design for Team Spitfire's battle suits is actually several decades old, whereas The Wreckers' is a recent design created by Cicero.

  • The school is responsible for producing and providing the suits to students. The school also has designated staff to tailor the suits. They're made of a durable fabric that, while resilient, doesn't provide any additional protection and is not immune to damage. Fire and slashing attacks tend to be the most common causes for battle damaged outfits.

  • Suits are custom-designed to accommodate for users with body permutations (tails, wings, multiple limbs, low body mass, etc). They also have a level of elasticity to take moves that entail size change, such as Minimize and Growth, into account.

  • Actual armor is forbidden. It's considered to be an unfair advantage.

  • Suit design can range from simple to bombastic. There are few restrictions, the most prevalent being the armor stipulation and that they meet the school's dress code.

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