GBA Lore: Abilities & Stats

I really wanted to draw Hex using Trace to mimic Intimidate, but there just wasn't room.

The Lore reads thusly:

  • Abilities, unlike moves, are passive buffs that can affect the outcome of a battle depending on how they're applied. A smart coordinator will plan a fight taking the abilities of their team and that those of their opponents into account and integrate that into their battle strategy.

  • Abilities aren't given names in the GBA Universe; they simply exist. (This is really just to keep the Pokemon metagame out of the story. It's more immersive to say "Shedinja are hella-durable" than "Shedinja have Wonder Guard," and it helps keep readers who aren't up to snuff on which abilities do what in the loop without having to do research.)

  • A person is born with ONE ability. The abilities a certain species of Pokemorphs can have are restricted to no more than three possible choices. They ability is random and always derivative of their species-specific set.

  • The only exception of unaided ability changes is when a person's ability is altered via evolution. For example, a Nincada's natural abilities either boost accuracy or enable them to escape any battle, but evolving into Shedinja replaces both abilities with resistance to most types of attack and extreme vulnerability to others.

  • Abilities can only be changed by use of a particular medicinal supplement. This supplement is incredibly expensive and not readily accessible, so most people go through life with the ability they're born with - for good or ill.

  • Much like abilities, stats aren't named for the simple reason that they can be explained as "[y] has incredible speed" or "[x] has the physical strength to lay an Onix on its ass with one punch." (This is likewise to keep the metagame separate from the narrative.)

  • Also much like abilities, stats are determined based the species. For example, Serperior are known to be speedy powerhouses, so a skilled Servine would draw the attention of recruiters.

  • They can also be temporarily raised and lowered by in-battle moves.

  • Stats can be boosted by use of supplements such as iron and carbohydrates, but their effects are limited and serve as the groundwork for actual training. Much like in real life!

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