GBA #7: Heart of Oobleck pg. 6

Squid aaaaaaaaarms

Okay so I'm going to have to come clean...I'm really burned out. There's a lot of contributing factors and I've known it for a while, but I've just realized that the last comic page went up about two months ago.

Making things a little more dire - unlike Can't Sleep, where I had the entire thing thumbed out long ahead of time, and Jam Session where it was okay for stuff to be at kind of a janky pace, I've almost hit the end of the road with Heart of Oobleck and I need time to start producing more thumbnails. Whenever I try, the burnout hits, and it's a vicious cycle that's now openly affecting the product.

Art has been very hard to do lately. I might take a break from the comic and spend time refocusing myself. Hell, if I have enough money I might start up some woodworking projects, because I haven't done that before and it seems like it would be fun.

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