GBA #6: Jam Session pg. 46


Hey, one last twist for the road.

With this out of the way, I can officially show you the GBA timeline! I've been growing this (in far more detail) as time went along, but the fact that the Grim Ranger stuff mostly took part before Can't Sleep meant that I had to keep it a secret.

Anyway! What's next? Well, next is a story focusing on Odina and Dublin! It's called Heart of Oobleck, and it will start...soonish. With my trip to visit family for a week and then moving to a new apartment immediately after, updates would already have been sporadic. But honestly? I just kinda need a break, haha. I was hitting burnout towards the end of this session and I feel like the comic suffered for it. So I'll be taking a bit of a breather, then it will be back to the show.

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