GBA #6: Jam Session pg. 30

Qbby is expensive. It's my dreamiibo, but I'm not about to shell out that much money for a piece of plastic.

Also hey something I feel like I need to address, especially given how I like to make pictures of my ladies charging money for sexy services is that I treat the Pokedollar like the US Dollar, not like yen. I'm a filthy American, I'm sticking to what I know. I mean, MatPat from the Game Theorists found an accurate way to calculate the Pokedollar-to-yen equivalent, but using that in GBA is an unnecessary complication.

So you see Dot offering herself up as a washing machine for 5 Pokedollars/lb, she's not offering a cheap service. (I know there's like, a fetish for women renting themselves out for sex super cheap, but I always found that kinda icky.) Even when you see prices in the comic, those are again based on the US Dollar.


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