GBA #6: Jam Session pg 12

While the not-suspended-from-battling teammates are away, the suspended-from-battling teammates will play.

Well, replace "away" with"training" and "play" with "making money using Hex' canon side business" and you're there.

This story actually comes spur of the moment. It's not one of those "I've wanted to do this for a long time" deals like the Grim Ranger; I came up with this storyline the other day and it fit perfectly in Jam Session's format, so I'm interrupting myself(!!!) to tell it.

I feel like with the addition of the Grim Ranger into the GBA Lore, and the inclusion of heroes/vigilantes in general, I have to clarify that Hex is by no means an actual hero - she's just a huge nerd who came up with a code name for herself/her business. The Plug-In Hero, Guardian Re:Boot, won't be going out and stopping crimes any time soon.

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