GBA #5: Can't Sleep (Part 2) pg. 51

I spent a lot of time thinking of how deep into the politics of this situation the Dean would go into. It was a balancing act of what made sense in the narrative and what needed to be portrayed to the reader. This wound up being the best middle ground, I think, but I'll probably make a side comic that goes more into the stuff the Dean has to be concerned with.

Also: I don't want Dean Powalski to be Dumbledore and turn a blind eye to what happened. It's like she said: Hex still broke the rules, but it was because of her intentions that the normal punishment was decreased. Even though the Dean was part of Spitfire's Golden Age back in the 80s, the current roster of students are no more special than any other.

I guess the best way to sum up the Dean's overall mentality is "strict but fair."

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