GBA #5: Can't Sleep (Part 2) pg. 48


The Nutbusters are a canon duo of ghost exorcists who do so through rather lewd and unseeming ways. While I try to keep lewd stuff out of the comic, that doesn't mean these two don't exist >_>

The NBs were going to be part of the conclusion to this arc from the get-go, but their role was more involved than this. Initially the plan was that they would have a Looney Toons-esque chase sequence with the two Gengar and would "catch" them off-camera, while Dean Powalski and Spitfire just sorta stood back to watch. The more I developed Can't Sleep and the more it became a serious story with serious consequences, the less I wanted to have them involved. It still made sense that they would be the ones to ultimately walk out with the Gengar, though. That said, the NB are stationed in Goldenrod and Jordan did tell Hex to call for professionals.

I like to think I'm better at drawing Powalski's Charizard schnoot and the fact that she's an older lady.

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