GBA #5: Can't Sleep (Part 2) pg. 31

TFW you maybe mash the potato too hard and you break the fourth wall

OK to clarify: as shown in the last time we saw Jordan, he doesn't know Bulk Up. (Geodude actually aren't able to learn it at all!) The GBA universe is one of adaptivity and - as an author - finding ways around the rules already put into place that I consider unbreakable. This is something Jordan himself set out to be able to do, making his own alternate Bara forme. And before anybody cries foul, be aware that we've never actually seen Jordan battle; he only punched the ground once in Got Wrecked, and every other fight scene he's been in has been a dream sequence. He's also very fortunate that his boxer-briefs stretch well enough to keep him decent.

Comparing this to Bulk Up: bara forme Jordan's mass means he moves remarkably slowly and it doesn't provide a defense boost, whereas Bulk Up does not reduce speed and provides a defense buff. Maybe I'll go into detail about how he got it somewhere down the line.

Re: the bulge, since I try to avoid lewding up the comic I debated whether or not Jordan's package would be on display, but then I realized that so long as nothing was specifically outlined, it was no more inappropriate than a clothed boobie or Matoaka not wearing pants and covering her ladybits up with her tail.

And lastly: I always try to keep the panels dynamic but this was the most fun I've had paneling a page in a while.

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