GBA #3: The Face pg. 3

Odina started as an adoptable that nobody bought, so I kept her around with the soul intention of being an extra, but she wound up appearing in the comic more and more frequently. She's got a reputation as being one of the best announcers GBA has ever had, earning her the nickname of "The Voice of the Battlefield."

Oh, and Dublin is there too. He's also an unadopted adoptable that I chose to keep.

FUN FACT Team Math'n'Shit is half constructed of adoptables that did get adopted! Doreen, Naomi and Verdan were all bought by my pal DragonSushi (NSFW because of smut and some visceral violence). The other half of her team is from her own Pokemorph-themed webcomic, Sang de la Vie (NSFW for the same reasons). While Vie is set in medieval France, Percival, Vasha and Emile have all been adapted to modern-day times for GBA.

Goldenrod Battle Academy, a webcomic about anthropomorphic Pokemon and their fun and sometimes lewd adventures in fighting school. Hosted on

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