GBA #1: Got Wrecked pg. 1 (Original)

A prelude: I started Got Wrecked with the mindset of "each page doesn't need to be more than one panel." This was after having some difficulty with a previous comic I'd wrapped up not too long before this. Obviously it didn't last long; by the original sixth page, now officially page two, marked a point where I realized I needed to grow out of it.

Time passed and I decided to revisit these first pages and recreate them, consolidating them into one to make the definitive first page for the series. I don't like remastering old art if I can help it, but there was such a drastic disparity between the below art and what the series would become that I felt compelled to do it. The originals were drawn by hand and colored digitally whereas I had moved on to 100% digital art by the second page, I had trouble nailing down the proportions, the dialog was stilted...oh also the Pikachu and Mawile on The Wreckers had belonged to a friend that I'd had a falling out with in the duration so they had to go too, haha.

I'm not really proud of these pages so I'm putting them here more for archival purposes. Just because they suck doesn't mean they didn't happen, and really we all have to start somewhere. :)

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