Dot's Pockets pg. 2

Originally posted 9-7-17


Ah, a short story about Dot and her personal belongings. Is it canon? Is it not? Who knows! To be honest, neither do I. Not so much the self-storage aspect though; I believe this is a mindset Dot would have and very much for the reasons she stated (though she wouldn’t keep the portable charger in her womb). Same with the public nudity part, because Dot enjoys the freedom that comes with it and GBAverse has lax rules about public nudity. Really the most questionable part is the fact that her tits are g i g a n t i c here, and I’ve been scaling them back in the main comic. You’ll see Dot wearing that top on occasion in the comic, too.

(Why would Dot keep a portable charger on hand if she herself is a portable charger? Well, sometimes friends have asked her to give their phones some juice when she’s had places to go, so it’s more a back-up courtesy.)

This is a project spanning over several months; I started it before I hit my art funk (I stopped working on it in the sketching phase on panel 3 of the first page), then it took me more time to get it finished after that. I joked to some friends that the reason why it took me so long to pick back up was because Dot’s shirt was so tight that it took her a month to get it off. Even more time has elapsed between completing the first and second pages, which is why the lineart and colors are done in completely different brushes. That’s also why the first page isn’t paneled and framed like my other comic pages are - I took a risk to do something new. It didn’t come out bad but I still like the more contained nature of a regular comic page.

Using the words ‘pussy’ and ‘vagina’ when directly referencing them are bizarrely awkward concepts to me in any sort of public stage. Not like the words are taboo to me, but it always felt weird to do. But I also hate it when people use a narrative and dance around using more direct terms in favor of hokey entendres, so I decided to bite the bullet.

Anyway. Please enjoy. :>

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