Divided by Four pg. 1 (Dragonball Xenoverse)

After beating Dragonball Xenoverse, and having designed a character I found as aesthetically pleasing as Pliabuu, I decided to up and make a webcomic about her! I had to do a lot of research and a lot of what I was looking for didn't exist in any canon nature, so there's undoubtedly some stuff here that doesn't gel with DB lore as of the creation of the comic. There'll also be a very strong change of background halfway through the story because I hadn't put much thought into the architecture of your average city in the Dragonball world.

I also wanted to make it cheesecakey, since I keep GBA at a solid PG-13, but it wound up feeling uncomfortable. Enjoy the T&A while you have it!

Goldenrod Battle Academy, a webcomic about anthropomorphic Pokemon and their fun and sometimes lewd adventures in fighting school. Hosted on www.savingthrow.me

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