The Constitution Saving Throw Gallery is where I store all of my kink material. Some folks might not be interested in that, which is totally fine! But I wanted to give any newcomers who aren't familiar with me from Tumblr or FurAffinity a heads' up. I have dedicated followers on both sites that watch my art for particular fetishes so to me it's no big deal, but because I'm also expanding to new audiences I want to make sure any newcomers aren't going into the Constitution Saving Throw Gallery completely blind. Every entry into the gallery is a thumbnail instead of the full picture, and each thumbnail lists the kink the picture displays. A brief rundown of the most common ones you'll encounter:

  • Cum inflation

  • Large insertion/stomach bulge

  • Cross-section views

  • Cervical penetration

  • Dullahan (Hex doin kinky stuff with her head)

  • Hyper cock and balls

  • Breast expansion

  • Telekinesis play

  • Hermaphrodite/Futanari (Dickgirl)

  • Genderbending

  • Voodoo doll sex

There's more of course, but that's mostly what you're looking at.

Anyway, I hope that if you're into any of that stuff you'll enjoy the gallery's contents. If not, then hey, there's a ton of other art to explore :) Thank you for understanding. And if you're coming here from the GBA Lore page looking for Dot's Pockets and Dot's Cool New Party Trick, click those handy links. :)

- The Portmanpreau

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