~commissions are currently closed~

Hey boyos! And girlos! And everything in betweenos! I am once again doing that commission thing. I got a new job, but with a new job comes a smaller paycheck, so I'm looking to pad the difference a bit. While the prices aren't changing (for the time being), in order to prevent from overwhelming myself I have put in a couple new rules. Not much about the structure itself has changed, but here's the fully revised set:

* If you're interested, email me. We'll hash out the details there.
* Tell me what you're looking for and I'll quote you a price.
* Each picture can have up to two additional characters, each additional character costing an extra 60%.
* I do both SFW and NSFW content! My hard "no"s include intricate armor, Ponies and real animals. (I'll do feral Pokemon on a case-by-case basis, but I'm super garbage at them.) Any questions about NSFW content are to be discussed one-on-one. I reserve the right to decline a commission for whichever reason I see fit.
* This time around, there are limited slots available, but in a different way from normal. You can reserve two slots once a week; slots will be available for purchase Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and will be closed for the rest of the week. This limited window of opportunity gives me time to work on personal projects.
* Payment works where you pay half up front, I sketch your stuff and run it by you. You approve of the sketch or ask for a couple changes, then you pay the remaining price and you get your pic when it’s done. All payment will be done via paypal with invoices.
* Comms will be open indefinitely, either until I get a raise, burn out, or feel like personal projects need to take greater priority.
* Please have visual references ready!

Anyway have at it~

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