"Are Nina's Boobs Squishy?"


Originally posted 9-20-16

Draw somebody having intimate physical contact with Nina: check.

I think I went a little to ham with this answer but it was something I’d had on my mind anyway and just never gotten around to drawing. Much like the rest of her body there’s nothing inside her boobs to necessarily make them squishy, so it’s a trait left over from before having evolved. Just the magical ghost goo that powers her at work.

There are three people in the world Nina feels comfortable being seen naked around: Dot, Hex and Sandra, and only because they’ve been friends for so long. (And because GBA is a universe where nudity is Something That Happens A Lot, yknow how it is.) That doesn't mean shes fine with them grabbin her boobs…but hey, she knows that accidents happen. She'll just be morbidly embarrassed.

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