Bonus Content

Some of the following content is Not Safe For Work!

Comics by TEi:

  • The Chip - The story of how Flynt chipped his tooth.

  • Transform Tri-Attack - A what-if scenario of Odina fighting Hex.
  • Rude - Odina finds her opponent to be quite boorish.

  • "How did Fenton meet Carrie?" - a Tumblr ask about how Fenton met Carrie.

  • Like Me - A non-canon story about Matoaka and Dot bonding over Super Smash Bros. (Four pages)


Super NSFW (read the disclaimer first!)

Comics by others:

  • Level 20, by Icarus - Remember that time Nina evolved? You will now. (Four pages) (NSFW, nudity and gore)

  • Spook Zone, by DragonSushi - Team Math'n'Shit's Vasha demonstrates how to be a spooky.

  • Curious Naomi, by DragonSushi - Team Math'n'Shit's Naomi has questions for other members of her new team.

GBA alternate takes

Goldenrod Battle Academy, a webcomic about anthropomorphic Pokemon and their fun and sometimes lewd adventures in fighting school. Hosted on

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