A Brighter Tomorrow pg. 3

My first serious attempt at making a comic, preceding Got Wrecked by about a year, is about my original universe stuff. You'll see more art of these characters in the art galleries, but as of now I haven't really done any further sequential art with them.

A Brighter Tomorrow is a celebration comic; in 2003 I made a bunch of Pokemorph characters that I eventually split off into original characters minus their Pokemon origins. In 2013, I decided that it was fitting to celebrate the fact that they'd had that much personal longevity with me, so I decided to give them some special attention.

This comic is certainly not amazing by any means - the art and dialog are really rough, the layouts are janky, etc - but it was a critical first step to making GBA, so it deserves to have a spot on the website. :)

Goldenrod Battle Academy, a webcomic about anthropomorphic Pokemon and their fun and sometimes lewd adventures in fighting school. Hosted on www.savingthrow.me

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