Status Update

I have been...struggling with a lot of IRL things. I moved from living in a solo apartment to living with four other people, strong bouts of depression (currently under control, mostly), antidepressants that kill motivation, being furloughed from my job with no guarantee it will be there when the furlough is done, etc etc.

COVID-19 has been a psychological mess for me, too. My mom works with COVID-positive people on a daily basis, and that's very harrowing. I've been in quarantine for so long that I'm just completely out of energy and fucks to give.

All that said, I have been neglecting the site for a few months. Why? Because on top of all the mental, emotional and spiritual strain, updating this is a pain in the ass. It takes so much time to make a single page. It takes even more time (sometimes hours) if I have a picture in the art gallery with multiple alts. I don't have time for it. I don't have the patience for it. I have failed my constitution saving throw. Nat 1. It's all over. Despite Wix advertising how friendly it is to people with no idea how to code a website, it's significantly the opposite.

That said, I'm still actively posting art and the comic. You can find everything (including the kink stuff) at the following:

FurAffinity - my primary upload site, also where the comic goes

Pixiv - Everything goes here, but the lewd stuff is censored

InkBunny - Whenever I have a picture with a significant number of alts, they all go here.


Please understand that if I had the chops to keep updating the website, I would. Instead, I hope that you will follow me on one of the above galleries. You may need accounts to see the nakey stuff, but signing up is free.

Peace out, friends. Don't forget to love each other.

- TEi

GBA #7: Heart of Oobleck pg. 16

"It's always about the penis" is the name of my upcoming autobiography. I'll be selling it on my Etsy soon.

Compression shorts! Compression pants! Compression shirts! You want to know how so many of my characters are so well endowed in smut but kinda look average in the comic? That's how! Compression clothes comfortably subdue the size of your parts so they can fit in the tighest of shirts or skinniest of jeans without worrying about being in breach of dress code. I have been meaning to make a GBA Lore about it for ages but I'm super lazy, haha.

Talk about it in the Discord server!

Goldenrod Battle Academy, a webcomic about anthropomorphic Pokemon and their fun and sometimes lewd adventures in fighting school. Hosted on

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